THE FUN Tis the season to spend time with your loved ones. Whether that means family, friends or friends that are like family (“framily”)… this is the perfect time to help spread goodwill. VERVE is running a Friendsgiving campaign to raise funds for TOSTAN’s Breakthrough Generation initiative of reaching more communities throughout Africa. So gather your friends and break out grandma’s famous pumpkin pie recipe because 100% of the proceeds from the campaign will go toward this initiative. THE PURPOSE Tostan is one of the primary non-profits that we at VERVE support. Your donations and contributions make a huge impact in the efforts to end child marriage, end female genital cutting, educational programs for women and girls, and toward the overall empowerment of women in the West Africa. This happens through Tostan’s Community Empowerment Program that has achieved great success. So far, these programs have positively affected more that 640,000 people in over 400 villages. Any effort or contribution you make lifts a burden and brings a smile to those that need it most. 

Article by Rita Brown

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