She's So Verve

Those of us who relied on Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show” for humor, political commentary, and confirmation of our liberal democratic bias are familiar with Samantha Bee. If you’re a fan of John Oliver and Stephen Colbert, you are gonna love Samantha Bee. She’s mastered the fine art of hysterical social commentary rants. When I watch her I laugh, clap, fist pump and then forward the latest show to all my friends (sorry/NOT sorry). I wanna have lunch with Samantha. I want her to be my daughter’s Godmother and their not even baptized…... I wanna have sleepovers and pillow fights with her*, go on vacation with her, share winks and private jokes with her. If she hasn’t shown up yet on your radar, fix your radar…. ;-)

*It’d be cool if Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Kristen Wiig and Beyonce came too…. 

Article by Anna Quick-Palmer


emmie cosser